Top 10 Failed celebrity Vegas weddings

By Martina Maio,

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city crawling with questionable behavior, challenged morals, and indulgence. The renowned party town is dubbed “Sin City” for good reason, with tourists flocking to the destination to act out in shameless scandal. Vegas is the city that celebrates all things taboo.

Ironically, this city of sin is also known for embracing the sacred tradition of marriage. Though the ceremonies may be cheapened and the circumstances far from romantic, Las Vegas has become a go-to for shot-gun weddings. Couples, friends, and even strangers can stumble into one of the many 24 hour chapels and become betrothed under a blanket of booze soaked bliss. We’ve seen it in the movies, and on television, but the stigma of drunken Vegas weddings exists even in reality. When it comes to walking down the aisle wasted, countless celebrities are guilty as charged. Here are the top 10 failed celebrity Las Vegas weddings.


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