Top 10 Hottest Guys of 2013

By Lauren Wheeler,
It's getting hot in here...

Hollywood is filled with hot guys. There are hot singers, hot dancers, hot actors and hot models. Typically, I am against objectifying men as sexual objects. However, some of these men are just really nice to look at.

When deciding who makes the sexy cut, I had to consider this year as a whole. The men on this list are hot and were hot in 2013. There may be actors that are slightly sexier but the ten men on this list either filled the headlines this year or had a big year at the box office or small screen.

For each sexy man, I hooked you up with the important details. Each profile reads why the hottie is famous. It has a picture of them or a video. It states their best feature, whether they are taken and how they are beautiful on the inside too.

Go through this list below and enjoy looking at hot guys. At the end, comment and tell me who you think the hottest guy of 2013 is and why.


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