The Top 10 lasting celebrity couples

By Martina Maio,

In a society that thrives on drama, it seems as if every celebrity relationship ends in a fiery public divorce. Some people blame our generation, the staggering divorce rates, and even the selfishness of society. However, our perceptions may very well be skewed by publicity. Sure, divorces and break-ups happen every day, but it’s not always necessary to obsess over the heartbreak in other people’s lives.

There are plenty of relationships that last decades, romances that mimic the riveting stories that seem to only exist in novels, but people tend to divert their attention to the scandals. The inspiration for all of those love stories had to come from somewhere, right? In celebration of relationship success, I would like to acknowledge celebrity marriages that have endured the press, publicity, and paparazzi. They may be rare gems, but they do exist. Here’s a list of ten celebrity couples who’ve had long lasting loves.


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