Top 10 Linkin Park songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

In 1996, the rock 'n' roll and rap world collided head on when Linkin Park arrived on the music scene with Hybrid Theory. Their sound was truly unique and one of a kind. Singles like "In The End" featured Chester Bennington singing while sometimes screaming, and Mike Shinoda rapid fired with his rap-driven lyrics. This combination resulted in two large fan bases coming together and chart-topping hits for Linkin Park.

Hits like "New Divide" and "Bleed It Out" showcase the high energy that Linkin Park is known for and their classic musical style.

Linkin Park went on tour following the success of Hybrid Theory and has not slowed down since. Album after album has led to chart-topping success and many sold out arenas.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top 10 Linkin Park songs - from "Burn It Down" to "Numb," Linkin Park has been making music since the '90s and has no plans to slow down in 2014.

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