Top 10 Matt Smith moments as ‘The Doctor’

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Christmas Day will mark the departure of Matt Smith as the Doctor from the worldwide television sensation, Doctor Who. Matt Smith first joined the cast in the opening episode, “The Eleventh Hour.” Fans seemed to be distressed after David Tennant left the iconic blue box but Smith stepped into the role and made it his own. Doctor Who became a phenomenon for a whole new generation of fans.

Smith was known for his unique style that he brought to the role of the Doctor and of course, his bow ties and that unforgettable fez. Smith breathed new life into the BBC drama and helped to make Doctor Who a worldwide hit for fans young and old. When Smith departs the show, Peter Capaldi will be taking over as the Doctor.

Fans already experienced one heartbreaking moment when they said goodbye to companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams but now fans will have to brace for one more final goodbye.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten moments from Matt Smith as the Doctor.


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