Top 10 Most Underrated Lou Reed Songs

By Zak Smith,

Lou Reed was more serious than rock and roll, he was darker and more adult than my other heroes. His best songs felt more real than other singers’, like it wasn’t a game anymore, like it wasn’t just a guy in a room making up songs.

I have no idea how lived-in Lou’s songs actually were but they sure had a sense of authority behind them. His songs had more detail, more distinguishing characteristics than his contemporaries, and so they had more dimensions. That descent below the surface, that turn for the worse, was the trademark of Lou’s writing to me. The elegance of the drugs, or the champagne by name, that tells you where you are, the momentary stay in confusion even if the vision is bleak and tragic. Among his 22 studio solo albums, 10 solo live albums, four Velvet Underground albums, assorted live Velvet Underground and Velvet Underground outtake releases, there are a number of his songs that get overlooked.

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