Top 10 Musiq Soulchild songs

By Funke Oyelade,

Musiq Soulchild is an R&B and Neo-soul artist that released his first album Aijuswanaseing in 2000 and gained success with the hit “Just Friends Sunny.” He has since released several albums and has collaborated with different artists throughout the years.

Soulchild is known for making songs that cater to love. He talks about a friend with benefits gone wrong, wanting to know how to love his woman the way she wants, his ups and downs with love, friendship, and maturity. When he released his fifth studio album in Dec. of 2008 he stepped out of his usual genre with the song “Radio,” which talked about the songs that he like playing on the radio.

Although underrated, his talent is beyond amazing, his smooth voice and deep songs speak of a lot of different ways love can manifest itself in one’s life. These are the top 10 love songs that show Musiq Soulchild talent and writing skills.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

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