Top 10 perfect party dips

By Martina Maio,

Private parties are prevalent this time of year, office parties, holiday parties, and dinner parties alike take over the weekends for at least a full month. Whether you are the host with the most or the friend of a friend who was actually invited, having a delicious spread is top priority for any social gathering.

To provide partygoers with a prime eating experience, it’s necessary to tend to the indulgences of the winter season. While a veggie platter is fine and dandy, those cold cuts of calorie-less, and carb starved snacks will not do. Give the people what they want. Pile on the fine cheeses, the fatty meats, and throw a delicious fruit or veggie in the mix to minimize guilt. For any group gathering, a table of delicious dips accompanied by salty surfaces to hold them is essential. Take it from an ecstatic eater, and dive into this list of simply delicious party dips.


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