Top 10 Real couple musical collaborations

By Martina Maio,

The music industry is heating up with the chemistry of the many talented musical couples. Some of the industry’s most popular artists have been gracing the internet with romantic and sexy collaborations. The sweet songs of true love give fans an inside look at our favorite artists lives...which everyone is dying to be a part of. From power couples like Bey and Jay, to younger relationships like John and Katy, the sweetness is irresistible.

Not only do these delicious and delightful duets let us indulge in the intimate details of the world’s most talented, it also allows us to live vicariously through their undeniable greatness. The gift of couple collaboration humanizes the at times unbelievable lifestyles of celebrities and artists. For those who are sentimental, the sweet sounds of two souls in unison is magical. These duets make me ponder some of life’s most challenging questions like, how do such perfect people find one another? And how do heavenly harmonies come about with such ease? These are 10 of the top musical couple collaborations.


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