Top 10 Rock songs of 2013

By Chelsea Lewis ,

2013 was a busy year for everyone in the music industry, from country music reaching new levels of popularity to pop music making a comeback; it was a great year for music in 2013. One genre has always been a constant: rock ‘n’ roll. Rock music held steady with their fans and often was found at the top of all of the music charts.

Songs like “Carry On,” by Fun. and “Let Her Go” by Passenger took over the rock charts and mainstream charts. Rock bands have found a new fan base with pop fans that have been crossing over through mainstream hits.

TheCelebrityCafe is counting down the top 10 rock sounds of 2013. From Maroon 5 to Kings of Leon, these bands amplified their sounds, packed stadiums and topped the charts. Some music fads come and go as new years arrive but classic rock ‘n’ roll music has been able to stand the test of time.

Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

image : Wikimedia Commons


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