Top 10 off-screen couples

By Lauren Wheeler,
And they lived happily ever after...

When the audience watches the romantic movies, what draws us in is how believable it is. No one wants to watch a movie where the two characters have lukewarm feelings. We watch for the passion and the love. The best actors can make it believable. But, sometimes, those feelings translate into the real world.

Couples from movies sometimes create real romance. From musicals to horror films, somehow, the stars seem to come together in real life. Whether it is for publicity or for love, it is no coincidence that leading loves become real life romances.

When making the list, I included the couple, the mutual movie, the relationship status, the length of the relationship and the couple-nickname. I know what you’re thinking. Not every couple has a name that the media has given them. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to name these couples. I think I did pretty well.

Between Limey, Zanessa and McGosling, here are the top ten off-screen celebrity couples.


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