Top 10 Television Dads

By Martina Maio,

T.V. dads have graced the miniature screens of our homes for decades. Series after these fictional fathers crack the dorkiest jokes, tell the funniest stories, and give the best heartwarming dad advice. T.V. dads always have a way of creating sweet endearing scenes no matter how tough their character is portrayed.

In modern television, T.V. dads have been even more influential. No longer are they away at work everyday while mom is at home tending to the kids. Television dads, much like real dads are portrayed as involved and caring parents. Despite the change in roles, T.V. dads maintain the comic relief of our favorite fictional families. Though their fathering techniques may vary, the best T.V. dads all bring something special to the dinner table and we can’t help but adore them for it. So here it is, an ode to the countless dads that live within our screens. Though we know there’s even more magical men out there, the top 10 dads have arrived.


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