Top 10 Things we should leave in 2013

By Lauren Wheeler,
Just leave it there...

The year of 2013 was eventful. There were highlights and lowlights of the year. Between the birth of the royal baby to the death of Nelson Mandela, 2013 is a year to remember. But, there are parts of 2013 that we should forget or quit.

When making a list of things to leave in 2013, I tried to think of the most annoying, most overrated things that happened throughout the year. Obviously, there were a lot of eye-rolling moments and I couldn’t list them all. However, the ten on the list were so bad that I had to mention them.

The list is made up of annoying songs, movies, people and actions. The list is for everybody who was ever irritated by the constant coverage of the said items. It is a mix of everything that should stay in the past. Just because we are leaving them in the past doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t remember them. We must learn from the annoying things of 2013 to make sure that 2014 doesn’t annoy us as well.

After reading the list, tell me what you think should stay in 2013 or if something on my list should continue getting coverage.

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