Top 10 Types of Celebrity Selfies

By Lauren Wheeler,
Say Cheese!

Oxford Dictionary defines a selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Selfies were all the rage in 2013, so much so that Oxford actually put the new term into the official Oxford Dictionary. No one understands a selfie better than a celebrity.

A selfie is a unique concept with simple execution. It is simply a picture of a person taken by that person. However, selfies are more than just photographs. Each selfie tells a story. There are different ways to take a selfie and each angle and option spreads a different message. Celebrities, to communicate with their fans and spread messages, use these selfies.

To spread these messages, celebrities use different types of selfies. In my research, I have found that there are different types of selfies to take- ten different types to be exact. There are ten different types of selfies that celebrities take.

How can there be different types of selfies, you ask? Simple, the tone of the selfie and the motive behind posting it gives each selfie a unique pattern. There are selfies that have one celebrity or there are selfies that show off entire casts. It depends on what the celebrity wants to show.

There are different venues to show the selfie. There is Instagram, a picture/video sharing website. There is Twitter, where you can add a 140-character comment with your selfie. Also, there is Facebook, which nobody really uses.

Now, you may think that I am overanalyzing the solo pictures. But the thing is, I am. But hey, here is a top ten list for your entertainment.

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