Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies

By Lauren Wheeler,
These movies make the naughty list!

For every list of bests, there has to be a list of worsts.

When making Christmas movies, there are two ways to go: you can focus on the commercialism of Christmas, talking about toys and wanting certain gifts, or you can go the religious route with angels and doing good things. This list is made up of both.

It is easy to pick a best Christmas movie. However, picking a worst movie is seemingly difficult. Everyone has a favorite and someone is going to get mad. I have written a best list here so be sure to read that too before assuming that I’m the Grinch.

There are plenty of bad Christmas movies-- more than just 10. These are 10 popular enough for the public to decide whether or not they are bad enough to make a worst list. If your least favorite is not on the list, comment below on which movie deserves the title of worst Christmas movie.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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