Top 5 Conversations to avoid during the Holidays

By Maria Ottomanelli,
HO! HO! HO! NO!!!!

There is a lot to be happy for during the holidays. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate. Christmas music is all over the radio and in stores. You catch yourself singing along with the music. The smell of baking cookies fills your house. The tree is decorated and the stockings are hung. The fire keeps us warm and cozy as it's cold outside. Watching ABC family movies are always fun with the kids. The kids finished making their Christmas list and are excited about Christmas Day. They can’t wait for presents and family to come over!

Suddenly that’s when the music stops and you realize family is coming over and we need some wine (I mean cheer). Actually we need lots of wine. The music resumes, five fights ensuing, four arguments start a brawl, three critics criticizing, two uninvited guests and one big crazy family... Unless you avoid these conversations.

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