Top 5 'Kleenex moments' in Christmastime movies

By Tina Henry,

It’s not just women who can be brought to tears by movies. I’ve seen the proof in my own husband’s eyes. It has dawned on me that this time of year I tend to buy more boxes of tissue than at any other time of year. I’ve surmised that it’s due to the abundance of Christmas movies that pull at our heartstrings so well that we continue to watch them over and over again every Christmas, and thus, continue to need tissues to cry into, over and over again.

Below I have shared my top five favorite, most lachrymose moments in Christmastime movies. I could list more but thought that might be cruel, in a way, assuming you’ve seen most of these movies and will sob uncontrollably along with me while watching the videos. I also wanted to give our readers the chance to add to this list. Do you have any favorite tear-rendering moments in Christmastime movies to share with us?

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