Top 5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

By Lauren Wheeler,
So you forgot...

Christmas is here and you’ve forgotten to get someone a gift. Have no fear, I am here to help. I have made a list of five gifts that you can find for last minute.

It is nothing to be ashamed of if you forgot someone on your list or if you didn’t have time for shopping. It happens to everyone and it is a crazy time of year. But, the solution to forgetting gifts is trying to pretend that you didn’t.

The most important part of a last minute gift is your task of pretending that you didn’t wait until the last minute. It should seem that every gift that you give to someone was planned and not thrown together. The gifts should seem heartfelt, not panicked. These gifts are close enough.

Christmas is a time for giving. It doesn’t matter if your giving process began in November or if you’re just starting now. The most important part is that the receiver knows that they are loved. If showing your love means rushing out on Christmas Eve to have one last gift, then so be it.

Here are five last minute gifts. Comment at the end if you have any more ideas.


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