Top 5 Selena Gomez songs

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Selena Gomez had a busy year in 2013 with singles off of her album, Stars Dance, topping the charts. Hits like “Slow Down” and “Come & Get It” took over the radio airwaves and did well in the digital downloads market.

Fans had been looking forward to the upcoming tour from Gomez but recently the announcement was made that the tour will be cancelled so that the singer can have some personal time. The singer did complete a six-month, 55-date European and U.S. tour in 2013 but will be focusing on herself in 2014.

Even though fans might be disappointed, they can still enjoy the music that Gomez has released. From her days on the Disney channel to her more mature pop sound, Gomez has been on a musical and personal evolution but didn’t grow up too quickly, unlike some Disney pop stars. Hopefully Gomez will return to the stage soon, but, until that time, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top five Selena Gomez songs.

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