Top 5 songs from Grammy nominee Imagine Dragons

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Back in 2012, Imagine Dragons released their first full-length rock album, Night Visions. Since then, the band has skyrocketed into musical fame and has fans packing venues to hear their unique rock 'n' roll sound.

Night Vision came out of the gate with an aggressive, bass driven sound, which was different for the industry at the time. Imagine Dragons took the classic pop/rock sound and elevated it to the next level. They never hold back with their sound in the recording studio or live on stage. As they sing on their number one hit, “Radioactive,” “Welcome to the new age.”

Fans immediately felt welcomed into this new music age and embraced Imagine Dragons. The Grammys embraced the band as well. They received Record of the Year and Best Rock Performance nominations for their hit “Radioactive" and they will be performing on the awards.

In honor of their Grammy nominations and very successful year, TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top five singles from Imagine Dragons. From “It’s Time” to “On Top Of The World” Imagine Dragons have left their mark on the music industry and fans are hoping for a new album in 2014.

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