Top 5 television shows with memorable soundtracks

By Chelsea Lewis ,

It takes many individuals to create a hit television show, from the crew to the actors. Creating that magical television moment is not an easy challenge and 2013 did have many unforgettable moments that brought about a new era when it comes to how music is being integrated into television.

Shows like Nashville and Glee center on music and the musical soundtrack has become like a character on the show. The success of Nashville even created some mainstream music stars.

When music isn't the main character on the show, those shows embrace music to tell additional parts of the story. The FX drama Sons of Anarchy often closes the show with a musical montage. The song takes over the screen and tells the story and emotions of the actors in the scene.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top five television shows that have inspired soundtracks. These are the shows that not only embrace music into their story lines but have launched musical stars themselves from the show.


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