Top 5 Worst Celebrity Christmas Albums

By Lauren Wheeler,
These albums should be getting coal for Christmas

It's Christmas time and everybody knows what that means: Christmas music will be playing everywhere. There are the classics, like Dean Martin that are acceptable to be played over and over. However, there are albums that are on the Christmas music naughty list.

When making a list of terrible Christmas albums, it was difficult. Every Christmas album has the same track list but with different people singing them. When trying to decide what was the worst, I had to listen to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” more times that I’d like. But, because everyone was singing the same thing, it was easy to pick what was good and what was bad. The albums on this list are bad.

There are obviously more than five bad Christmas albums. But, because this is TheCelebrityCafe.com, I tried to find contemporary or well-known albums to review. The artists featured on this list aren’t necessarily bad singers. Some of them are very talented. However, just because you have a great voice, doesn’t mean that you should make a Christmas album.

Below are the top five worst Christmas albums. When you finish, comment on what you think is the worst because, obviously, there are more than five.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia


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