'Total Divas' recap: 'Saying Goodbye'

By Funke Oyelade,

This week on Total Divas: Trinity and Jon get into an argument over his jealousy, Nattie and TJ had to make the heart wrenching decision to put their beloved feline, Gizmo, down due to a stroke causing the right side of his body to shut down, and sisters Nikki and Brie Bella's feud reaches a whole new height when Brie attacks Nikki’s lack luster approach to getting back in the ring. Brie feels her sister’s primary focus is playing housewife to her superstar boyfriend John Cena rather than getting back in the ring and working to become a superstar herself.

Trinity & Jon: Trinity’s dream comes true when she gets a photo shoot with Jet Magazine; before the shoot she heads to the hair salon. While flipping through Jet Magazine and looking at past Beauties of the week, Jon voices his displeasure that she will be wearing a two piece and suggests she wears a one piece instead. Neither Trinity nor the women in the salon agree with Jonathan’s “suggestion.”

Jet Magazine Photo shoot: Trinity took Jon’s suggestion seriously and brought a one piece with her to the shoot, but the Editor-in-Chief Mitzi Miller did not feel that it was appropriate. So Naomi wears a two piece that looks amazing on her, but when Jon sees it he cannot let it go, which creates one of the best moments in the show. He asked WWE seamstress Sandra, “What happened to the one piece?” and when she points to it on the hanger, Jimmy is confused. “Why is it on the hanger and it ain’t on her?” Best moment of the show.

Trinity is called into a meeting with the Senior Director of the WWE talent Relations, Mark Carrano, about being in a storyline, where she is the love interest of another WWE superstar, but the superstar has not been chosen yet. Trinity is excited because the storyline will give her more TV time and further her career.

She is called again by Carrano, but it’s not to tell her about which superstar will be her love interest in the storyline, but that Jon came to him, telling him that he did not want her in a romantic storyline. Trinity, tired of Jon’s constant jealousy, pulls him aside and lets him have it. “Why did you tell Mark and Jane that I couldn’t do the storyline?” Jon tells her he has seen relationships fall apart due to on screen romances, “Sometimes a mother**ker be all kissing and s**t, it get real, I know.” Trinity tried to get him to see that what he did was wrong and a form of sabotage.

While leaving the show Trinity tells Jon she won’t be riding with him and Jimmy apologizes, but by the look on his face he doesn’t mean it and she knows he doesn’t. “The truth is I know my insecurities can get in the way. I am scared you might not be interest in me anymore,” he says, owning up to the fact that his jealousy and insecurities drove his actions. The two make up and she ends up riding with him. They really are the best couple on the show.

Brie: She is exercising and focusing on the fact she has been on her own, doing matches, for five months without her sister and the pressure is getting to her. She expresses her fears to her boyfriend Daniel Bryan while they are working out and he encourages her. While out shopping with her sister, Brie asks her, “When you’re done decorating house are you coming into the ring?” Nikki says she is not ready to get back into the ring, but gives her sister her blessing to get stronger without her.

Brunch: The Diva’s meet for a nice brunch and the Bellas unexpectedly get into a heated exchange in front of everyone at the table. Nikki playfully tells Brie, “You need to trim your eyebrows.” Brie immediately fires back noticeably hitting Nikki where it hurts, “You know when you work real hard and someone is on vacation...” Nikki angrily tells her she isn’t on vacation, but recovering from her injury. Brie feels Nikki doesn’t understand she is carrying their brand, because they are known as the Bella twins, and the pressure is getting to her.

In the beginning Nikki encouraged her sister to get stronger without her; however, it seems she didn’t mean it. When confronted with the fact the creative team wants to push Brie solo because she has improved in her matches, refusing to wait for her to get back into the ring; Nikki is not happy.

During one of Brie’s matches Nikki is supposed to be valeting her, but she is told at the last minute Brie will be walking down alone. Nikki is starting to realize what her sister has been saying for the longest time: “time and tide waits for no one." The two make up when Nikki congratulates her sister on her improvement and decides to work hard to get back into the ring.

Nattie & TJ: Nattie gets a call from TJ that Gizmo passed out and she rushed home to take Gizmo to the vet. “Besides WWE our life revolves around Gizmo.” Since Gizmo has been sick with kidney problems, Nattie is terrified of what is going to happen. Due to the stroke, the veterinarian told her the best option would be to euthanize the cat. The decision weighs heavily on TJ’s mind, while preparing for his returning match. When they go to the doctor to put Gizmo down, the couple takes it hard. “Gizmo is not just a pet to me; Gizmo is my family,” Nattie said. TJ decides to buy a kitten similar to Gizmo, which is sweet, but can Charlotte get some love too?

Be sure to tune into the season finale this Sunday on E! Network at 10/9c!

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