Tragic Christmas fire leads to three deaths and numerous injuries

By Amanda Stewart,

A fire destroyed a mobile home in Houma, Louisiana early Christmas morning killing three children and injuring their mother and father.

According to NBC News, authorities said that the fire started around midnight on Tuesday. A 12 year old girl, 13 year old boy and a nine year old boy all died in the fire.

The father went back and was able to save one child but was unable to reach the other three, who perished in the fire.

New York Daily News reported that a neighbor, Chantel Guillott, was out giving the family blankets and clothes to the mother and father and five other children.

The neighbor told WWLTV that, “He said the only thing he can remember is his little girl saying, ‘Papi, ayudame.’ And that means in English, ‘Papi, help me.”

The family was in town from Alabama to visit family for Christmas. Of four children, only one survived.

Now neighbors, like Guillott, are praying for this family who has lost everything on a day meant for celebration.

image: image.net


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