Trailer Weekly: Blended reteams Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler with new dynamic plot but the same laughs!

By Sari N. Kent,

From the reunion of a comedic duo that’s proven time and again that they are acting gold on the silver screen to the sequel to an animated hit to the continuation of a franchise, this edition of Trailer Weekly is amalgamation of movie genres.

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are teaming up yet again to bring their distinctive brand of humor back to moviegoers in Blended. With the use of vivid explosions, mind-blowing special effects, superb acting and a drive to survive no matter the cost, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes pits humans who survived a deadly virus that nearly ended all life to battling a new even more dangerous threat, animals of superior intelligence and vicious athletic prowess, who will do anything to be the dominant species. How to Train Your Dragon 2 combines heart, friendship and the notion of universal peace for all to the forefront through animation.

In their third film collaboration, Sandler and Barrymore seem poised to delight moviegoers with their unique blend of humor and romance in Blended. This go around, Barrymore and Sandler’s characters go on a disastrous blind date and end up disliking each other immensely. Both have children from previous relationships and find themselves thrown together children and all, at a family retreat in Africa.

The trailer shows the stunning landscape of Africa as the backdrop for the hilarious situations Barrymore and Sandler get themselves into. Fans of the pair’s other hit moves 1998’s The Wedding Singer and 2004’s 50 First Dates are sure to flock go theaters to see their favorite comedic twosome light up the silver screen all over again. It opens in theaters on May 23.


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