Travis Barker plans to publish a memoir in 2014

By Jessica Starks,

Travis Barker, the drummer known best for his membership in the popular rock band Blink-182, greeted his fans, updated them on the events in his life and informed them of his current work on his memoir he plans to have published via his Facebook page.

Tuscon Weekly reported that Barker, who also used to be a drummer for the band, The Aquabats, has accomplished many things in his thirty-eight years, including founding a record label, starting a clothing company, and even surviving a plane crash. Those events, along with many others that have occurred throughout his life, are sure to make for an exciting book.

Under the Gun Review revealed that the California native is said to also include his point of view of Blink-182's drama over the years, his experience with drugs and his sobriety battle, as well as his experience during 2008 in a plane crash that killed two of his best friends and causes him to still have an extreme fear of flying.

The book is set to be released Fall 2014.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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