Twentieth Century Fox to release 'Ice Age 5' July 2016

By Kyle Johnson,

Twentieth Century Fox has announced that Ice Age 5 will be hitting theaters on July 15th, 2016.

The first four films in the popular franchise have earned more than $2.8 billion combined at the box office, TheWrap reports, so it's little surprise there will be a fifth movie.

The July 15th release date places Ice Age 5 around the release of the Independence Day sequel and another Marvel film. It will also be competing with several other animated films due out during the 2016 summer.

With the fourth sequel moving to the July 2016 spot, 20th Century Fox will be moving Fox Animation's Anubis to two years later for March 23rd, 2018, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is also a team effort with Blue Sky title, who has worked with Fox on the Ice Age franchise.

Anubis is set to based on Bruce Zick's book where an accidental trip to the Egyptian underworld arises because of a mummy's curse.

Ice Age: Continental Drift managed to gross $874.9 million worldwide, with $714 million coming from international sales. It is believed that Ray Romano and most of the voice cast will be returning for Ice Age 5, but no plot details have been announced.

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