Two dead after fatal rock slide in Utah

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Two people were killed in southern Utah after boulders the size of small houses crashed into their two-story home. Over a half-dozen rocks fell from a cliff behind the Rockville house on Thursday evening, crushing it and the homeowners inside.

Police Chief Kurt Wright said two people were found after a search of the house, but no names have been released. They are only being described as a middle-aged couple, according to the Associated Press.

Wright notes that rock slides are common this time of year because of snow and freezing temperatures, but there was no warning before the rock slide started.

"It was just a freak accident; you don't have time to escape," he told CBS affiliate KUTV, according to CBS News.

Wright described the gathering of the community to be “very emotional,” with people showing up to the scene and “crumbling into tears.”

"It's been tough to see the people show up and crumble into tears," Wright added.

Because the site is considered unstable, crews waited until Friday to retrieve the bodies.


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