Uganda passes anti-gay bill

By Amanda Stewart,
Uganda passed a law today that punishes some homosexual acts with life imprisonment.

Uganda passed a new law today, that means life imprisonment for homosexual acts.

After all the talk recently of Russia’s harsh laws about homosexuality and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s remarks, Uganda’s law will certainly not go unnoticed.

Just yesterday in the U.S., New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize gay marriage, but it seems that the rest of the world may not be progressing in the same way. Reuters reports that the law raised concern among gays in Uganda who are already terrified to express themselves.

This bill was first introduced in 2009 when the penalty for homosexual acts was death. It has been amended to remove the death penalty. However, it still includes jail time for anyone who is convicted and it also includes life imprisonment for what is called “aggravated homosexuality.”

The Associated Press reports that parliament said that this new law was absolutely needed. Parliament said that homosexuals from the West posed a threat to Ugandan families and that these people are trying to recruit Ugandan children to gay lifestyles.

Uganda has also passed other laws that have limited civil rights, which have also drawn international condemnation.


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