UN peacekeeping forces send aid to South Sudan

By Marcina Zaccaria,

After a recent deadly struggle last week, UN Peacekeeping Forces have arrived in South Sudan to bring an end to the violence.

According to the Associated Press, East African leaders “welcomed the commitment” by South Sudan’s government to end dissent among rebels.

Clashes have continued in areas that are still fighting over oil. Cease-fire is imperative according to leaders. Former vice president Riek Machar, a key figure in the ongoing crisis, is hoping for a negotiated cease-fire. Machar now leads the rebel forces in that region.

According to the BBC, Machar claims that the rebels have control of Unity State, three-quarters of Upper Nile State, and all of Jonglei State except state capital Bor.

"So until mechanisms for monitoring are established, when one says there is a unilateral ceasefire, there is no way that the other person would be confident that this is a commitment," Machar said.

The first UN reinforcements have arrived after the UN Security Council voted to send in more peacekeepers. Shelter is a primary concern, as is crowd management.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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