U.S. base in Japan will be moved

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

A U.S. military base in Japan will be moving after consideration by U.S. and Japanese officials.

Japanese Governor Hirokazu Nakaima decided to allow military facilities to be built in a new area. This decision came after a meeting with Nakaima last Wednesday. Escalating tensions lead to cooperation with more centralized government officials. Finally, a decision was reached, and the relocation is intended to happen quickly.

It is a milestone after 17 years of negotiations and the Pentagon stood in favor of the move. According to CNN, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that this decision comes after many years of sustained effort.

Officials are considering alignment of resources and discussions focused on moving the base to a place where there is already an airport. Protests and court battles might ensue, according to the LA Times. A group opposing these measures hopes to file a lawsuit that would effectively prevent the reclamation of the land.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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