Vending machines to have nutrition information displayed

By Amanda Stewart,

A new health law has been put into place to have the calorie information posted on vending machines.

The new regulation for vending machines is included in President Obama’s health care law. The Associated Press says that the Food and Drug Administration is to release all of the rules of the new health care law early in the new year.

The FDA says that requiring the nutrition information to be on the outside of approximately 5 million vending machines nationwide could lead to Americans making healthier choices when choosing a snack.

The companies that will be required to have the information on the machines will have to operate 20 or more machines. This will apply to around 10,800 companies nationwide.

According to the Food Beast, opinions about the new section of the law have been mostly negative. Companies that are being forced to incorporate these new machines into their operations are concerned about the cost of complying with these new rules.

Companies have a year to comply with the new law. New vending machines will be seen throughout the U.S. within the next year with the goal to make the consumer make healthier choices.

image: Image.net


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