Victoria Beckham confirms she's done with Spice Girls, lacks passion for the group

By Gina DiFalco,

Victoria Beckham is revealing a bombshell about her involvement with the Spice Girls in a new interview with Vogue Paris. The wife of David Beckham admits she was finished with the group, in her mind, in 2008.

Beckham confirmed motherhood and a blossoming career as a fashion designer made her passion for the group tank.

"The day of the concert at Madison Square Gardens in New York, the other girls spent time relaxing in bed, shopping and in the gym before heading off to the sound check," she explained, Telegraph reports. "I arrived with three kids in tow in a really tight dress because I’d been in meetings all day."

She added, "I put my bags and the children down, I picked up the mic and I sung. It should have been the best moment of my life, but I just wanted to be elsewhere."

Beckham went on to try to shed some light on her often pouty looking facial expressions while in public, saying it was a character she created as Posh Spice because she was insecure in her own life.

"I looked moody. But I wasn't! I was shy, not very sure of myself," she said. "I had to invent a character and I thought of that: staring at people and pouting. My insecurities helped me create the character in a way. Nowadays, it's like a barrier that comes back whenever I go out in public. That's the way fame has affected me.”

Despite her lack of passion for the group, Beckham did reunite with the girl group for the closing ceremony of the Olympics in 2012.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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