Video of rescued man who survived more than 60 hours in a sunken boat goes viral

By Kyle Johnson,

A Nigerian man, Harrison Odjegba Okene, managed to survive for 60 hours in a capsized boat back in July before being rescued. The video footage of his rescued has now gone viral several months later.

According to TIME, Okene found an air pocket in his capsized tug boat and remained there until divers found him almost three days later. The 11 other crew members of the sunken boat died.

The video is from one of the diver's point of view and shows a ghostly hand reaching out in the murky water as Okene did his best to show he was alive, reports The Associated Press.

The ship was about 100 feet underwater in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the South Africa. Project manager for DCN Diving, Tony Walker said that divers were only searching for bodies at the time and were surprised to find anyone alive.

Walker said in a telephone interview, "The diver acknowledged that he had seen the hand and then, when he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!" He added, "It was frightening for everybody."

Okene said that when the ship first flipped over he immediately looked for vents. Along the way, he found two flashlights and a life vest, which he grabbed and took into a cabin that seemed safe. He said he spent the time in the cabin just reliving his life.

Video of the rescue:

image: Screenshot


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