The Voice top six perform live

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The vocalists are down to six on NBC’s The Voice. Only five will advance to the next round, moving one step closer to the finals. Each singer was able to sing two songs tonight.

Starting off the show was Cole Vosbury, from Team Blake. Vosbury performed, “Rich Girl,” by Hall and Oates. Shelton kicked off the comments by saying that he wasn’t even sure why he worries about anything when it comes to Vosbury and he doesn’t need to fix anything with his performance because it was great. Green added that he is still invested in Vosbury and he is a great talent. Levine, who is a big Hall and Oates fan, said that he enjoys listening to Vosbury every time he takes the stage.

Team Adam was up next with Tessanne Chin. Chin took on a song close to her heart and her home country: “Redemption Song,” by Bob Marley. Levine started off by saying that Chin really carried that flag for her country and he was fully wrapped up in the performance. Aguilera said that she got lost in the song and it was lovely.

Matthew Schuler picked “Story of My Life,” by One Direction. Coach Aguilera was pleased with his song choice and mentioned that Schuler always has a way of making each song his own. Levine added that he is great and that since his performance of “Hallelujah” it has become hard for Schuler to out-sing himself.

Will Champlin took to the stage next to sing “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Coach Levine added that one of the coolest things in his mind about Champlin is that he can actually play the instruments and sing. Green said that Champlin has soul and heart.

James Wolpert followed with his own rendition of “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes. Levine started off the comments by saying that this performance from Wolpert was about bringing it back to his musical roots. Shelton added that Wolpert really sang his best.

Next up to the stage was Jacquie Lee representing Team Christina. Aguilera started off the coaches’ comments by saying that Lee left her heart on the stage and left everything in that performance. Aguilera even got on stage and joined Lee for her comments. Green said that the performance was amazing and that Aguilera had really done a great job coaching Lee.

Vosbury returned for his second performance of the night with “Better Man,” by James Morrison. Shelton started off the comments by saying that Vosbury is really showing dimension and that he can really do it all. Green added that Vosbury really opens himself up to the world and lets everyone sees who he is as an artist.

Tessanne Chin followed Vosbury with her performance of “Unconditionally,” by Katy Perry. Chin’s performance brought members of the audience to tears and she ended her song emotional herself. Levine said that she really sang the full power of that Perry song and that she is a lovely person in general. Shelton said that Chin is a world-class vocalist and that she can sing with the best of the best.

Schuler returned to the stage representing Team Christina. Schuler sang, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Aguilera said that it really takes a great vocalist to take on different musical genres and that he really took it back to basics. Shelton added that this is a night for the classics and that everyone is doing a great job tonight, Schuler included.

Representing Team Adam, Champlin sang, “Hey Brother,” which has been remixed by Avicii. As the performance came to an end, Levine had a huge smile across his face. Levine added that he loved that song because it is so many things and that Champlin is a powerful vocalist. Shelton said that was the first time he heard that song and that he really enjoyed the banjo playing.

Jacquie Lee dedicated her last song to her coach. Lee sang “The Voice Within,” by Christina Aguilera. Aguilera started off the comments by saying that it took her back to hear Lee perform that song and that she appreciated the courage that Lee had with that song.

Closing the show was James Wolpert from Team Adam. Wolpert sang “I Would Do Anything For Love.” Wolpert, who was sick, got the appreciation of his coach. Levine said that he knew Wolpert would be hard on himself but Wolpert was amazing and he was very proud of him. Green added that Wolpert did a great job and that he really embodies the rock opera musical genre.

The live results will be announced tomorrow on NBC.

image: NBC


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