'Walking Dead' creator talks about what's to come on the show

By Ashleigh Nicole,

After the last action-packed episode of The Walking Dead, fans are reeling to know what is going to happen now. The creator of the show was merciless with the midseason finale, leaving too many questions. It was only fitting that he took some time to answer some of them for us.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Kirkman, the creator of the show, discussed some of the shocking occurrences on the last episode. Kirkman went as far as to talk about the two main character deaths and the disappearance of Judith.

Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter, "There will be a lot of different formats at work here because everyone is separate; we will be telling their stories individually." The anticipation of the show’s return is, without a doubt, driving fans crazy.

Kirkman left us all with the mother of all cliffhangers. The show is scheduled to return on February 9, and it will pick up from where the gruesome story line left off — in chaos. For the die-hard fans who can’t wait, there are always the comics to help keep you busy.

Photo courtesy of AMC Networks


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