Walmart holiday layaways being paid off by good Samaritans

By Brenda Clemons,

Who said that the Christmas spirit is dead? You can’t tell that to the lucky folks in two cities where a stranger walked into local Walmarts and paid off the layaways.

It happened first in The Villiage, Fla., where Greg Parady slapped down $21,000 to pay off the layaways in the store. Now, it has happened again in Granbury, Texas where an unknown person paid off $2,000 worth of layaways.

It happened first on Dec. 7 while Parady was shopping when he overheard an upset woman say that she couldn’t afford to pay off her layaway. Parady stepped in and paid it for her. Then he put down money on additional layaways. The total came up to $21,000, reports ABC News.

It happened again over the weekend in Texas when an anonymous person walked into a local Walmart and put down $2,000 to pay off the layaways with toys.

“Our store has been very touched by this act of kindness right here in our community,” store manager Craig Rowland told WFAA.

Many of those who received the unexpected payments said that they will be passing on the kindness by donating the amount of money they owed to charity.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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