What yoga can really do for you

By Amanda Stewart,

Yoga has become more and more popular in the passing years, but experts are now saying that practicing yoga can lessen depression, anxiety, insomnia, back pain and other illnesses.

More doctors are recognizing yoga, massage therapy or even acupuncture as acceptable treatment referrals.

WebMD reports that experts say that yoga will certainly not cure everything that is wrong with a person, but it definitely offers some benefits.

"Yoga is great for flexibility, for strength, and for posture and balance," said Dr. Rachel Rohde, an orthopedic surgeon for the Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak, Mich. "Yoga can help with a lot of musculoskeletal issues and pain, but I wouldn't say it cures any orthopedic condition.”

Yoga can actually hinder some people if they have the wrong mindset when they begin. Many people who practice yoga think it is about doing as many of the hardest positions as possible. However, trying those positions can actually hinder people and even hurt them.

However, Dr. Ruby Roy says that, “The right yoga can help you.” Roy is a chronic disease physician as well as a part time yoga instructor. Yoga should lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Roy says, “You should never be short of breath [when finishing a class].”

According to Health24, research has shown that yoga is a great form of therapy as long as it complements standard physical therapy. People who use yoga to recover from a surgery or to help their arthritis are certainly right, but they should be using yoga along with other types of therapy.

Yoga is certainly safe to try. All poses can be changed in a few ways to make it safe for anyone. They have yoga classes for pregnant women in which they do less intensive poses.

Don’t be surprised if the next time you see the doctor for blood pressure, back pain or anxiety if they prescribe a yoga class [in addition to regular therapy].

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