Who is the real 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

By Amanda Stewart,

As the premiere day comes closer, many people are wondering about who the man is who inspired the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

The story that will appear on the big screen Christmas Day comes from the real memoir of Jordan Belfort, written in 2007.

Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is native to New York. The Independent notes that Belfort got his undergraduate degree and decided to go to dental school. Belfort knew though, on his first day, that dental school was not the place for him.

Instead of continuing in his career in dentistry, Belfort knew he wanted to live a more comfortable life and have more money for himself. He followed a different career path in which he would eventually cheat many investors out of millions of dollars.

According to The Daily Beast, in 1987 Belfort was hired to make calls to 500 investors per day. Eventually Belfort would get a job watching penny stocks and soon after founded his own brokerage firm. This is when he gained the nickname Wolf of Wall Street.

Soon the immense amounts of money he was making, betting and cheating investors out of, would lead to drugs. He even talks in his book about being on so many drugs that he could sedate Guatemala on the drugs running through his system.

Belfort went on laundering money into Swiss accounts and would use his family to traffic money into the country. However, Belfort was eventually caught (like most bad guys) and sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.

Now, as people are anticipating the film being shown on the big screen, Belfort says he has changed immensely and now works as a motivational speaker and sales trainer.

The Wolf of Wall Street opens Christmas Day.

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