Winter storms continue to harass the Northeast

By Kyle Johnson,

Winter storms plagued the Midwest and the East over the weekend, which was fairly evident to anyone who watched any football over the weekend. On Monday, the weather hasn't improved much, adding troubles to those looking to travel by air or roads.

The storm hit the East Coast and caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled as well as interfering with road travel, with one crash snagging nearly 50 cars. According to NBC News, forecasters in major eastern cities were seeing at least an inch or more of snow set to fall between Monday and Tuesday.

The Weather Channel lead meteorologist, Kevin Roth, said, "It will be quite a 48 hours for that region."

The 50-car pileup was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and was the result of a motorist getting into a minor accident and being struck when he got out of his car. The driver was killed and that follow up accident led to nearly 50 other cars crashing. There was also a 20-car pileup in Greenwich, Conn and a 24-car crash just outside of New York City.

The Wall Street Journal notes that areas in Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey could see even more snow, possibly up to 10 to 14 inches of snow after already surviving the nasty weekend weather.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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