WWE Diva Trinity 'Naomi' McCray is Jet Magazine's beauty of the week

By Funke Oyelade,

WWE Diva Trinity “Naomi” McCray has been named Jet Magazine’s beauty of the week.

Trinity McCray has always been an entertainer, since a young age. She got to show the world her dancing talent when she became a dancer for the Orlando Magic and later on became a backup dancer for the rapper and pop star Flo Rida.

McCray has been in the WWE for over two years and is a part of the group called the Funkadactyles. She is also on the hit show Total Divas, which is a reality show that give fans a behind the scene look at the lives of women wrestlers in WWE.

Jet Magazine’s editor in chief, Mitzi Miller, sat down the beauty of the week to get to know her better. Miller asked McCray about what made her get into wrestling. She was already a dancer for the Magic and attending school but when the WWE came to Orlando, she changed her mind. “Then the WWE show and the WWE Divas came to Orlando, and I went to see it live. That is what made me realize the next avenue I wanted to go down.”

As a young girl that dreamed of being Jet’s beauty of the week to actually being Jet’s beauty of the week, the whole situation is surreal to the 26-year-old. “Oh, my gosh! JET goes as far back as I can remember. After school, I would go to my grandmother’s house and she always had a JET magazine. I remember looking through the issues just to see who the JET Beauty was. The women were always so beautiful, and even as a kid I’d think, ‘I want to be like that when I get older.”

What is the beauty’s advice to those who have dreams and goals just like her? She quoted one of her favorites “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.” Gorgeous, down to earth, and a great personality and physique it’s no surprise that she is Jet’s beauty of the week.

Congratulations to WWE Diva Trinity McCray and be sure to check her out in Total Divas on E! Network every Sunday at 10/9c!

Check out a behind the scenes video of Naomi’s photo shoot with Jet.

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