'X Factor' Recap - Season 3 Finale

By Noah Golden,
And the winner is...

Let’s cut to the chase and get to the main event: Alex & Sierra are the winners of The X Factor's third season. It’s not a real shock – since Khaya was let go, they’ve been miles beyond any other contestant – but, because of the way America voted this season, I was still happy that A&S got what they deserved. They’re a phenomenally talented duo with inventive musicality, great voices and the kind of off-the-charts chemistry you can’t manufacture.

Jeff Gutt came in second.

Carlito Olivero rounded out the top three.

After that, there wasn’t a ton to recap. We got a group number where the top 12 sang “One Love” dressed like a chorus of fashionable angels. We got Christmas songs from the final three (A&S’ inspired, slowed-down “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was the highlight). Well, vocal highlight. A bikini-clad model wearing a Christmas bow popping out of a giant gift box being the non-vocal highlight).

We got the standard teary-eyed packages with the contestants’ families and the encouraging comments by their mentors. Speaking of those mentors, I really quite enjoyed the montage of Pow Pow’s unintelligible comments, but physically winced at Demi’s, a misguided jab at her drinking “annoying juice.” The joke was stupid to begin with but given that Demi recently went through drug and alcohol rehab, it had a weird sting to it that left a very off taste in my mouth. There was a bit more singing too – Leona Lewis, Pitbull, etc. – plus a few more numbers from our top three, but none that would change my top ten list.

Well that’s all, folks. I hope you enjoyed my X Factor recaps this season. Stick with TheCelebrityCafe.com for more updates and news on your favorite shows. Until next time.

Image Courtesy of Fox


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