YouTube to gross $5.6 billion in ad revenue in 2013

By Chelsea Lewis ,

YouTube will generate about $5.6 billion in gross advertising revenue worldwide in 2013, according to a report from research firm eMarketer.

YouTube will earn $1.96 billion in ad revenue, eMarketer reported. This number is up 66% from last year, after paying content and ad partners, according to the study.

YouTube’s projected revenue in U.S. net revenue would represent 6.3% of all of Google’s ad revenues for the year. In addition, 79% of YouTube’s U.S. advertising revenue is from video advertising, with an estimated $850 million for the year.

This estimate of gross revenue is much larger than the Wall Street Journal had predicted, Variety reported.

The increase in revenue might be a generational factor. In 2013, new production companies are springing up and more television is being watched through a variety of online platforms, The Financial Times reported.

Google is also looking towards the future. The internet company has announced a new project, YouTube Space La, which will be a 41,000 sq ft production space not far from Maker’s studio, where content creators can shoot and edit videos, all for free.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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