Zoe Saldana keeps private life out of the spotlight to maintain sanity

By Britteny Dee,

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego got married about six months ago, but the Out of the Furnace actress didn’t confirm their marriage until earlier this week.

In the latest issue of Ocean Drive magazine, Saldana addressed why she and her new husband kept their marriage a secret for so long.

"I love what I do so much, but I love my [personal] life more," she told the magazine. "I realized through the years of being in this business that the only way to maintain some kind of sanity is to protect that which is most dear to you, which is your life and everyone that's in it."

Saldana also said that keeping her private life out of the spotlight gives her the ability to be insane as an actress by portraying different types of people and "living in other bodies for a long period of time" before she returns home and returns to her normal life.

"The only way I can continue having that is by absolutely avoiding the questions that are asked," she added.

Us Weekly reported that Saldana’s secret wedding took place in London in June. The couple has "known each other for a long time," a source told the magazine.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons


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