10 More things Phil Robertson can do for attention

By Lauren Wheeler,

Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty crew are getting a lot of attention these days. Most recently, Robertson caused controversy when he compared gay people to terrorists and said that African-Americans were happier before the civil rights movement. Some agree with what he said and some disagree with him. But, it is getting boring talking about all of the outrageous things that Duck Daddy says.

I understand, to stay in the limelight, you need to do something to get the attention on yourself. So, instead of continuing to offend the same group of people, why not get creative? Some of the best celebrities have done even less offensive things and have stayed popular longer.

It is easy to get your name in the news if you’re already famous, so Mr. Robertson already has a leg up in the situation. At this point, if he does anything different than say something offensive, it will be newsworthy.

The most recent thing that the Duck Dynasty family has done is create their own gun line without including A&E in their branding. They are expanding their business outside of the reality show and leaving A&E in the dust. Some might say that they’re biting the hand that feeds them. That isn’t true. They’re simply becoming the typical reality stars that make the news every day.

Like normal reality stars, when two family members of the Duck Dynasty got a new dog, it was a headline. But offensive statements and new controversies are much more fun than talking about dogs and pets.

In order to continue to be a reality star and celebrity, I’ve got some tips for Mr. Robertson. Some of them are slightly out-of-the-box but they’ve worked many times before. And, if Paris Hilton can stay in the news for doing crazy things, why can’t Phil Robertson?

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