10 People You Might Not Know Won Grammys

By Lauren Wheeler,
These people actually won.

The Grammys are on Sunday night and the music superstars are waiting to see if they are winning music’s highest honor. The Grammys don’t typically include any shockers. The most well known performers tend to get awarded and there aren’t any shockers.

Image courtesy of INfphoto.com

But, sometimes there are surprising people that win awards. There is a one-hit wonder band that gets the trophy. There are politicians that hold Nobel Peace Prizes and Grammys. It is funny to see who does and does not hold those honors.

The Grammys currently have 30 fields - General, Pop, Gospel, Classical, etc. - to vote in and 82 categories within those fields. With so many options to choose from, there are a wide variety of winners. Because of that, some of the winners are hidden in the fact that they don’t make award speeches or publicly get their trophy. But publicized or not, these people are still winners.

Instead of discussing the people who were snubbed of awards, I am celebrating the people that received them. Here are ten people you may not know have a Grammy.

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