10 year old rescues grandfather from pond

By Morgan Cox,

When 10 year old Cara Jumper of South Carolina noticed her grandfather in danger, she didn't think twice before jumping to the rescue. She is now a hero in her grandfather's eyes.

According to Opposing Views, 72 year old Coy Jumper suffered a stroke and fell into the pond while fishing with his granddaughter Cara.

Cara immediately jumped into the water to save him from drowning.

"I didn't think much at all, I just jumped down in there and got him out," she explained.

WIS News 10 says that since his phone sank to the bottom of the lake and Cara was unable to call for help, she drove them back home, which was a 3 mile drive.

Coy was transported to the hospital and doctors found an aneurysm. Although he doesn't remember much of anything that happened, he is extremely thankful that his granddaughter knew exactly what to do in the situation and was able to save his life.

Coy has spent six days in the hospital and is recovering from the incident.



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