11 dead cows wash up on Sweden, Denmark beaches

By Michelle Kapusta,

The carcasses of 11 Holstein dairy cows have washed up along the shores of Sweden and Denmark.

According to the Daily Mail, Scandinavian authorities are investigating how and why eight dead cows washed up on Sweden's Baltic coast and another three on the shores of its neighboring Denmark.

The Associated Press has reported that since Dec. 29, visitors to the beaches have been discovering the dead, mutilated animals. Each had their ears cut off. Police believe that was done to remove any identification tags.

Detectives were originally perplexed by the cases, but announced Thursday that they believe the cows were dumped off transporting boats. They are now working to determine which boats came through the Baltic Sea.

Danish police officer Boje Joergensen told the AP that some of the cow’s legs were tied together with rope. Those ropes were probably needed to be able to lift the animals up with a crane.

Autopsy results showed that the animals were not carrying any diseases.



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