15 people, mostly foreigners, killed in suicide bombing in Kabul

By Alicia Mayle,

Up to 15 people, mostly foreigners, were killed near a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, Afghanistan after a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up.

The bombing took place in the Wazir Akbar Khan district, which was claimed by the Taliban when they began fighting with the Afghan government and U.S.-led foreign forces in the country.

A Taliban spokesman said that the people that were killed were Germans. However the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said that they could not confirm that, according to Reuters.

According to the Global Post, city police chief Mohammad Zahir confirmed that there were three Taliban attackers. One was the suicide bomber, and the other two went in with guns.

A cook at the restaurant said that, "A man came inside shouting and he started shooting. One of my colleagues was shot and fell down. I ran to the roof and threw myself to the neighboring property."

Among the victims are IMF representative Wabel Abdallah and two Canadians. The UN said that four employees are unaccounted for.



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