'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Big But'

By May Chan,
Max develops feelings for Deke

As Caroline attempts to fight off the blizzard outside the cupcake shop window, Max wishes that they were taking a floor nap instead, but Caroline continues to try to sell cupcakes.

Just when Max says, “No one in their right mind is stopping for cupcakes right now,” Sophie comes trekking along the snow in her electric blue coat to get a cupcake, only for free.

Max then decides to close off the cupcake shop window. However, when the ladies hear the snow plow, Caroline thinks all is well with them reopening. She opens the window to get a mound full of snow thrown at her.

Over at the diner, Max declares that she and the rest of the employees should leave if Han doesn't come within 30 minutes, but Earl says that if he's 31 minutes late, we might get fired. Earl is willing to roll that dice.

Oleg rings the bell for Max to get the food. Who's the food for if there are no patrons in the diner? Max has invited Deke to come over to set up some pastry school stuff. Caroline had hoped that the pastry school was closed just to avoid Chef Nicholas after discovering he was married.

When Luis, the sassy waiter, suggests playing a snow day game, he asks who would each of them have sex with in the diner, yet Caroline asks whether it is forced or not. Oleg first says Caroline, but Luis cancels each individual Oleg picks until Luis is left. Luis is pleased with being Oleg's only choice.

Just as Earl was about to leave, Han enters the diner in a snow outfit declaring he has survived!

Han apologizes for being late and says that he had to pee himself out of a snow bank. Too much information, Han.

Meanwhile, Max and Deke try to study for their pastry school test before Caroline interrupts them to tell Max that Han has emerged from the blizzard and he wants them to do some side work.

After Max and Deke make crude jokes, Caroline pulls Max aside to ask her if she's sure that she and Deke do not have anything going on. Even though Max assures Caroline, as they return to the cupcake shop where Deke was sitting, they discover Deke stripped of his clothes.

Deke prepares himself to jump outside the cupcake shop window amidst the snow. Yep, Max is not attracted to him at all.

When Caroline and Max arrive at the pastry school, Caroline practices her everything-is-fine face before encountering Chef Nicholas. And when Max sees Deke and well-endowed Judith, she disappears with them into the classroom.

Caroline faces Chef Nicholas and displays her friendly face, but she tells Nicholas that she's mad at him.

Nicholas questions her smiley disposition, and Caroline says that she doesn't want to show her “real” face.

“Then what is your real face look like?” asks Nicholas.

Caroline explodes on him. “How dare you kiss me when you're married?”

Chef Nicholas says calmly, “I prefer the fake one,” before he and Caroline walk their separate ways.

Chef Nicholas explains to the class the necessity of food chemistry as Max and Deke partner up once again to knead their dough. Butt jokes aside courtesy of Judith, Deke helps Max to knead her dough.

Max develops a look as Deke massages the dough alongside her hand. Could it be? Does Max actually like Deke as more than a "bro," as Max put it earlier?

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